All the open source projects I'm working on or the projects I've previously been working on can be found on my github. Most projects I started myself, some of them are forks or derivatives of existing projects. Here is a list of the projects I started myself, and that I consider noteworthy.


DodgerCMS is a static markdown CMS built on top of Amazon S3. It is a clean and simple alternative to heavy content management systems. There are no databases to manage, deployments to monitor, or massive configuration files. Just focus on writing your content and the results are live immediately.


Bitflop is a new way to play heads-up online poker using your webcam. All that is required is a modern browser and a webcam. Bitflop uses the latest HTML5 WebRTC technology to deliver peer-to-peer, encrypted, high definition audio and video in the web browser. Bitflop is built with expressjs and on top of Node.js. MongoDB is used for the document database. AngularJS is used as the client side JavaScript framework, and Twitter Bootstrap is used for the front end framework.


LogicPull is a powerful and flexible document generation tool, allowing you to automate the generation of even the most complex transactional documents and forms. LogicPull gives you the tools to quickly create advanced question and answer interviews for end-users. The answers are then combined with templates to produce all the documents you need.


TheSoundtrackDB is a place to find and listen to movie and tv soundtracks. All the soundtrack listings are from the plain text data files via IMDB, and the music is provided courtesy of YouTube. Laravel is used as the server side framework and AngularJS is used as the client framework.


MoodFuse is a React single page app to find new music based based on your mood. It works by using the recommendations API from Spotify and YouTube to build a playlist based on the query parameters.